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Animal Jam 2


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Animal Jam 2 is an online virtual world game launched in 2010 by WildWorks and the National Geographic Society. This is an educational game with beautiful graphics, it is suitable for all ages. In Animal Jam 2 game, players can become any animal that they love to explore the kingdom of Jamaa - an interesting land with an extremely diverse ecosystem. The novelty of the game is that players will become "Jammers" and meet many different friends around the world. Animal Jam 2 is a great game designed by National Geographic so players can participate in countless fun games and the game has the highly educational feature. Therefore, the online game - Animal Jam 2 game online is very suitable for children to explore the world and get to know new friends. The goal of this game is to create an enjoyable and safe environment so that children can participate online. Not only that, Animal Jam 2 also arouses curiosity, stimulates the imagination of children in the process of exploring this virtual world. Your main mission is to become an animal in the wild world of Jamaa, design your house and invite your friend to join the unique party.
The first step, create an online account by selecting your favorite animal that you want to become and fill out the required information.
The second step, earn gems by playing game in Jamaa. Try many games such as: Best Dressed, Jamaa Derby, Sky High, Falling Phantoms, you can earn a lot of gems.
The third step, buy clothes and accessories at the store.
Next, decorate your house.
The fourth step, talk to other Jammers and enjoy time with friends. You may buy clothes and accessories from others
The fifth step, participate in adventures and collect items.
The sixth step, trade items that you have by introducing and transacting with other Jammers. Animal Jam 2 offers a completely new experience for players. You can travel to lands of Jamaa and play games, meet friends and discover the new lands. Therefore, this game can help players learn many things about animals, plants and their habitats. It can be seen that the online game - Animal Jam 2 is a quite interesting game, suitable for children and people who love animals. This online playground is also useful because it provides real life skills and high interactivity.

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